About Flow Kendamas

Flow Kendamas is built on a solid foundation of integrity and love of the sport. We believe the most important aspect of our business is the relentless pursuit of quality. Our intent is not to compete with other kendama manufactures, but to provide the finest kendama possible for those players who truly care about quality. We believe that a Flow Kendama delivers the best possible playing experience for our customers.

Our Kendamas

Solid Wood

Our Solid Wood kendamas are made from high quality woods. Each is hand inspected and verified to meet our strict standards. These kendamas are the gold standard in the industry.


Our Striped kendamas add a touch of class. With a mix of two different woods and craftsmanship unlike any other, our striped kendamas will impress even the most seasoned player.

Color Infused

Our Color Infused kendamas are made of solid beechwood. The Tamas are painted to add flair to your experience. The quality you'd expect from a FLOW Kendama... with a little attitude.


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What is FLOW?

FLOW [floh] verb1. To smoothly advance through a series of kendama tricks.We believe that with practice anyone can advance their skills and learn to FLOW. So...Get-Up-and-Flow-Black-Medium